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"I found the answers I've longed for.  I am grateful."

"..This is amazing work that all women should experience..."​

"If you desire clarity in your walk on your Path, this Sacred Journey is a wonderful Process."

"The Priestess and Magdalene journeys have changed my life forever and I would recommend it to any woman that is ready to step into her power and discover the many jewels hidden beneath her shadows.  I laughed, I cried, I danced, and moved energy in ways that facilitated the final push needed in order to remove the last dredges of past traumas from my life forever.  Once these shadows were released, I was able to step fully into my power as a Sacred Shamanic Priestess/Magdalene." ~KaW 
"Have you ever wanted to do something for yourself? Have you ever been in search for something more but not sure what that something more is? Maybe the search is for community, safety, acceptance, to be understood, to be heard, to be healed. Maybe that something for yourself is freedom to be who you truly are. This is what the Priestess Process has done for me. It has given me an avenue where I can have a sisterhood, a safe container where I can express myself and grow, acceptance for who I am and who I am becoming, I have space where I am understood, where I am heard, a space I am woman, a space I can heal. I found freedom to love and accept myself as the truly complex, imperfect, truly WHOLE powerful female woman that I am.  If you want to do something for yourself, if you are searching……… look no further than The Sacred Priestess Process with Teri Barnett. You will be grateful you did this for yourself. I know I am!!"  Sonja Phoenix
"If you desire clarity in your walk on your Path, this Sacred Journey is a wonderful Process."  Annah B.
"This process has changed my life." Heather L.
"This experience is unique. My perspective and insight into myself and the world has been exponentially expanded. It requires a commitment of time and effort, but the investment is worth it. If you question how you fit in the world, this Journey is for you!" Paula "Tara" B.
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