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The Sacred Priestess Journey

beginning TBD

The Sacred Priestess Journey is a 4-6 month initiatory path for all women; a call from our highest self to connect to our inner wisdom, step into our power, and activate our own spiritual authority.


This Journey is deep and courageous work designed to remove obstacles, release fears and patterns so we may live in tune with our true nature and step fearlessly into our lives. This process helps us understand the shadows we carry, our relationships with ourselves and others, enhances our intuition, brings awareness to our life purpose.

If you don't have any Shadows, you're no

We will meet for (4) 3 day weekends. The first weekend will be set with subsequent dates determined with attendees. Themes covered are initiation, creating sacred space and ritual, societal and personal shadows, walking the spiral path, understanding our life script and exploring the archetypes we carry through Shamanic Astrology, connecting with our inner Maiden/Mother/Crone, integration of the divine masculine and feminine, emergence of the Sacred Priestess within. Completion of this process qualifies you for membership in The Temple of Ascension, a hermetics based community with a path to ordination, if desired.

Tuition is $1500. A deposit of $500 holds your space, with balance due when the circle begins unless payment arrangements are made. Deposit and tuition can also be paid via Venmo to tericrowbarnett.

Why Priestess? For thousands of years, the patriarchy has ruled the political, monetary, and familial systems, creating an imbalance in our world. The universe is calling out to us to resurrect the Sacred Feminine and embrace that aspect of our being. Not to obliterate the patriarchy, but to demand it step up and embody the Sacred Masculine so it can be united with the Sacred Feminine, working together to restore awareness and balance to the planet.

Why a Circle? In order to go as deep inside as possible, a safe and structured environment is needed. If you imagine a circle, it’s full, round, no beginning, no end. It is an object unto itself; a container. When we enter this container, we enter sacred space. The circle opens but once for each process – the first day we gather. After that, it closes and only those who have chosen to go on this particular journey will participate. This allows time to build trust and sisterhood, so you can experience transformation at the deepest levels.

What is the commitment? When you enter the circle the first day of process, you are committing to yourself and your circle sisters that you will be present for the entire Journey. You will show up each time on time, you will do the work, and you will hold sacred space as the other women in your circle do the same. At some point, you will feel resistance to this work. Everyone does. Know that this is Ego, that aspect of ourselves which prefers we stay in our routines, keeping our eyes shuttered to the reality of just how strong and powerful we are. Ego prefers we maintain the status quo and not understand our magic. Pushing through the resistance creates new pathways and habits in the brain to allow for real and meaningful change.

Who should join? Any woman (she/her/they/them/cis/trans) who is called to do the sacred work necessary to shift herself and the planet. This process is for women at all stages of inner work, beginner and seasoned seeker alike; there is always something to be revealed at a deeper level if we allow Ourselves the space, time, and energy for it to birth.

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