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Every human who heals themselves, heals seven generations before them and seven generations behind them.

Sacred Priestess Journey

The first step for all Women (she/her/they/them/cis/trans)

on their journey along the path of awakening and reclaiming ourselves and our stories.

Sacred Magdalene Mysteries

The second step for all Women  (she/her/they/them/cis/trans) where we reclaim our relationship to our sacred work, money, and sexuality.

Presence & Shadow

A process for all Humans to gather in sacred space and shift old paradigms, own our stories and shadows, and step into our power.

Journey to the Underworld

For all Women over 50 (she/her/they/them/cis/trans)

This journey takes us into the underworld where we learn to honor and embrace our inner Crone.

Are you ready to fully awaken and align with the truth of who you are?  To claim your life and step into your sacred work? 
When you answer the call to Wake Up from your Highest Self, you AND your life WILL change.
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