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We are the Ones we have been waiting for


We are living in a time of great transformation.  As the patriarchy descends into chaos, women are being called to fully embody the truth of who they are, step into their sacred work, and accelerate the birth of the New World.  Of course, we have to do the work to get there…we have to shine light on our shadows and accept that we are, indeed, much bigger than we have ever allowed ourselves to imagine.  While these Journeys are but one path to self-actualizaton, they are the absolute best I've found for burning through the layers and revealing the original intent we entered this life with (and I spent over thirty years searching).  Remember, it's through the cracks that our light shines for the world.  Our shadows are our greatest medicine.

The Sacred Priestess Journey™


The Sacred Priestess Journey is a deep transformational process for women. During our time together, we will take apart our internal belief systems in order to determine what’s real and what’s not.


We do this by examining our family of origin dynamics and personal and planetary shadows, delving into our life purpose, balancing our masculine and feminine energies, learning how we hold our power, sharing our personal wisdom and spiritual story.


The culmination of this process is a conscious deathing of everything we’ve released and a sacred rebirth into the embodiment of the Sacred Priestess.

When women come together in circle, we create and manifest change.
The Sacred Priestess Journey™

Why Priestess? For thousands of years, the patriarchy has ruled the political, monetary, and familial systems, creating an imbalance in our world. The universe is calling out to us to resurrect the Sacred Feminine and embrace that aspect of our being. Not to obliterate the patriarchy, but to demand it step up and embody the Sacred Masculine so that we can work together to restore awareness and balance to the planet.

Why a Circle? In order to go as deep inside as possible, a safe and structured environment is needed. If you imagine a circle, it’s full, round, no beginning, no end. It is an object unto itself; a container. When we enter this container, we enter sacred space. The circle opens but once for each process – the first day we gather. After that, it closes and only those who have chosen to go on this particular journey will participate. This allows time to build trust and sisterhood, so you can experience transformation at the deepest levels.

What is the commitment? When you enter the circle the first day of process, you are committing to yourself and your circle sisters that you will be present for the entire Journey. You will show up each time on time, you will do the work, and you will hold sacred space as the other women in your circle do the same. At some point, you will feel resistance to this work. Everyone does. Know that this is Ego, that aspect of ourselves which prefers we stay in our routines, keeping our eyes shuttered to the reality of just how strong and powerful we are. Ego prefers we maintain the status quo and not understand our magic. Pushing through the resistance creates new pathways and habits in the brain to allow for real and meaningful change.

Who should join? Any woman who is called to do the sacred work necessary to shift herself and the planet. This process is for women at all stages of inner work, beginner and seasoned seeker alike; there is always something to be revealed at a deeper level if we allow Ourselves the space, time, and energy for it to birth.

"The Priestess and Magdalene journeys have changed my life forever and I would recommend it to any woman that is ready to step into her power and discover the many jewels hidden beneath her shadows.  I laughed, I cried, I danced, and moved energy in ways that facilitated the final push needed in order to remove the last dredges of past traumas from my life forever.  Once these shadows were released, I was able to step fully into my power as a Sacred Shamanic Priestess/Magdalene."   

The Sacred Magdalene Mysteries™


The Sacred High Priestess Journey or Sacred Magdalene Mysteries are a higher octave of the Sacred Priestess Journey. While the Priestess Journey activates the inner priestess from a personal spiritual viewpoint, the Magdalene Mysteries inspires us to look at the World as our Temple and how we participate in it from a much larger perspective.

Mary Magdalene was a Multi-Dimensional Master in direct communication with Source or the ALL.  During our time together, we will heal the cultural and feminine splits in the second and third chakras (sex~money~power~politics) so we can open our hearts and connect to the higher dimensions, allowing us to run full life-force energy. We will work with identifying patterns, frequencies and vibrations in order to clear blockages and open the flow in our family lineage, our soul’s lineage and as World Servers.


During our work together, we'll align with the energies of Mary Magdalene, Inanna, Isis, Juno Moneta, and Multi-dimensionality.

Are you ready to fully awaken and align with the truth of who you are?  To claim your life and step into your sacred work? 
When you answer the call to Wake Up from your Highest Self, you AND your life WILL change.
The Sacred Sophia Journey™


The Sophia Journey™ was downloaded by Jai Ma Julie Turley and Teri Lucky Crow as the ‘next step’ beyond the Magdalene Mysteries.  This process takes us on a multi-dimensional Dark Feminine Journey into the very depths of the personal archetypal energies we each carry.  As we learn to merge and fully integrate these aspects, we transcend 4D and move into new, boundless space where we release our worldly labels, accept our Divine Inheritance, and experience an alchemical shift at the cellular level.  This movement allows us to fully and consciously step into the full range of multi-dimensionality while still maintaining a grounding point in our current 3D reality.


During this Journey, we will dig deeper into our personal archetypes, explore the dark feminine shadow, reignite the fire of sacred activism, step into the dark night of the soul, and emerge as the full embodiment of deep feminine wisdom – Sophia.

Your Facilitator


Teri Crow Barnett is an ordained Sophia Magdalena High Priestess in the lineage of Anyaa McAndrew, Linda Star Wolf, and Nicole Christine, Oracle of The Sacred Light Grove of The Temple of Ascension, Dame in the Restored Order of Solomon of the Knights Templar, a certified Shamanic Priestess Process™, Shamanic Magdalene Mysteries™, and Sacred Sophia Journey™ facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher, Hatha Yoga and Let Your Yoga Dance™ instructor. She is a bestselling author, award winning artist and designer who brings a life time of learning and exploration to her teaching.  She is deeply committed to shifting old paradigms and assisting women with stepping into their place of personal and planetary power. 


Crow is available for consultations, conversations, rituals, rites of passage, or simply a cup of coffee.  To schedule an appointment or obtain information regarding her upcoming art, circle and/or workshop schedule, please email crow@sacredpriestessjourneys.com or call 317.379.3451.