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Ordination & The Sacred Light Grove


The Temple of Ascension™


The Temple of Ascension™ has existed for eons across all perceived time and space. It is a Temple that many of us have known in ages past and may still stir in the origins of our soul. Now it emerges into form at this turning of the ages. Our ministers are from all walks of life and professions. They include scholars and healers, artists and visionaries, teachers and scientists. They hold the common belief: The World is Our Temple. All Work is Sacred. All Life is Ceremony. And so it is.There are currently two congregation leaders with the right to ordain:  Raven Sinclaire in North Carolina and Teri “Crow" Barnett in Indiana.

Ordination by Crow includes membership in The Sacred Light Grove of The Temple of Ascension, which is an activist community of priestesses and high priestesses who are focused on changing the world through shadow work, sacred activism, and personal ascension.

The Multi-Dimensional Priestess Path™, Sacred Priestess Journeys™, and The Magdalene Mysteries™ for women**, as well as  The Multi-Dimensional Man are all deep explorations and ordained ministers have completed at least one of these. Another ordination program, Ascension Code, will be offered in the future. 


If you are interested in becoming ordained through The Temple of Ascension™, please contact us. 


**The Magdalene Mysteries in the lineage of Nicole Christine and Anyaa McAndrew as transmitted through either Raven Sinclaire or Teri Barnett.

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