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"..This is amazing work that all women should experience..."​

The Sacred Priestess Journey™
Free Preview


This preview, held on the NE side of Indianapolis, is an opportunity to ask questions, talk to other women who have taken this journey, or simply hang out with like minded souls in sacred space. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ATTEND THE PREVIEW IN ORDER TO REGISTER FOR THE CIRCLE. Scroll down for circle registration information.


The address will be shared with participants.  

For more information about the process, read below and/or visit the About page.

The Sacred Priestess Journey™
next circle TBD


Coming together in the sacred container of a women's circle allows each of us the space to expand into who we are at our very core and Remember our Sacred Truth and Path.  To facilitate the trust and love necessary for true transformation, once this circle begins, it will close to any new members and you will journey forward with the same sisters throughout the process.


This profound work is for all women, no matter where you are on your path. There is not one of us who doesn't benefit from going deeper. What we process in circle, we process for ourselves and for the planet.

Beyond this first weekend, we'll meet for 3 additional 3 day weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - 12 days total), subsequent dates to be determined with the circle participants.  Circle size is limited, so it's suggested you register early.  To sign up, please click on the link below to send an email with your contact information.  A non-refundable deposit of $150 (applied toward the first weekend's tuition) is due at registration.

Tuition for each subsequent weekend is $600, total for the Journey is $1800. You're welcome to make payments or pay the total up front, either by Paypal, cash, check, or credit card. Payment arrangements can be made.

Looking for more information? Visit the About page!

The Sacred Magdalene Mysteries™
next circle TBD


The Sacred High Priestess Journey or Sacred Magdalene Mysteries are a higher octave of the Sacred Priestess Journey. While the Sacred Priestess Journey activates the inner priestess from a personal spiritual viewpoint, the Sacred Shamanic High Priestess Journey inspires us to look at the World as our Temple and how we participate in it from a much larger perspective.


Mary Magdalene was a Multi-Dimensional Master and in direct communication with Source (Sourc~er~ess), or the ALL. We will heal the cultural and feminine splits in the second and third chakras (sex~money~power~politics) so that we can open our hearts which connects us to the higher dimensions and allows us to run full life-force energy. We will work with identifying patterns, frequencies and vibrations in order to clear blockages and open the flow in our family lineage, our soul’s lineage and as World Servers.


The energies/archetypes we will be activating throughout the four 3-day sessions are:  Mary Magdalene (The Sexual Mysteries), Juno Moneta (The Money Mysteries), Isis (the Mysteries of Power) and Inanna (the Death-Rebirth Mysteries), Multi-Dimensionality and Unity Consciousness.

Circle participants must have completed the Sacred Priestess Journey, or another Priestess Process in the lineage of Anyaa McAndrew/Star Wolf/Nichole Christine. 

"...I found freedom to love and accept myself as the truly complex, imperfect, truly WHOLE powerful female woman that I am. If you want to do something for yourself, if you are searching...look no further than The Sacred Priestess Process with Teri Barnett. You will be grateful you did this for yourself..."

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for…the ones who will shift the current (and future) energetic patterns to allow for personal and global change.
Every woman who heals herself, heals seven generations
before her and seven generations beyond her.
The Sacred Sophia Journey™
next circle TBD


The Sophia Journey™ was downloaded by Jai Zoe Ma and Teri Lucky Crow as the ‘next step’ beyond the Magdalene Mysteries.  This process takes us on a multi-dimensional Dark Feminine Journey into the very depths of the personal archetypal energies we each carry.  As we learn to merge and fully integrate these aspects, we transcend 4D and move into new, boundless space where we release our worldly labels, accept our Divine Inheritance, and experience an alchemical shift at the cellular level.  This movement allows us to fully and consciously step into the full range of multi-dimensionality while still maintaining a grounding point in our current 3D reality.


During this Journey, we will dig deeper into our personal archetypes, explore the dark feminine shadow, reignite the fire of sacred activism, step into the dark night of the soul, and emerge as the full embodiment of deep feminine wisdom – Sophia.

Circle participants must have completed the Magdalene Mysteries, or another Magdalene Process in the lineage of Anyaa McAndrew/Star Wolf/ Nichole Christine. 

Upcoming Processes


Journey to the Underworld: Embracing the Crone™, created by Crow, is a three-day weekend process for all women over the age of 50 and will conclude with a 'croning' ceremony to celebrate this third stage of life. Next circle TBD.


Multi-Dimensional Realignment™, downloaded by Crow, is an energetic personal and planetary healing process based on the universal hologram.

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