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What would your life look like if you owned it? I mean, REALLY owned it? Who would you be? How would you live? What would you do? In a straightforward, down-to-earth style, How to Be a Kickass Goddess: Twelve Steps to Owning Your Life takes you on a journey directly into You and Your Unlimited Potential. All it takes is the First Step.

Love for How to Be a Kickass Goddess

Great Little Book for Big Transformative Process

Teri Barnett has captured the spirit of transformation, being in charge of one's life and being connected to what is powerful and sacred in ourselves, in her concise and easy-to-use workbook, How to Be A Kickass Goddess. Her 12-step process is simple without sacrificing substance. A great tool for your personal and spiritual growth and one you can return to again and again. Empowering The Spirit: A Process to Activate Your Soul Potential ~Judith Corvin-Blackburn


Kickass Goddess is Brilliant

How to be a Kickass Goddess is a really good book. It is easy to read and full of surprises. The 12 steps themselves are like mantras and can be very healing. The author is ingenous in writing this book; it's like sitting at a table having a conversation with her with no holds barred. It brought me to tears as well as made me giggle. As I was reading the book, I often thought of all of the family and friends I wanted to share the book with. The journaling/workbook aspect of Kickass Goddess can really inspire one to heal deeply. Thank you Teri Barnett. ~Maryel Whitehawk Woman


This Goddess does kick ass!

So, being a kickass Goddess already, I didn't really think that I could benefit from an instructional manual. However, this book is awesome and surprisingly valuable. The author distills seemingly complex life realities and makes them simple truths and tasks that I am actually capable of accomplishing. You know when you buy a self-help book and you think its going to change your life and then you never look at it again because it's so overwhelming and requires a total life change that is completely unreasonable? This is not that book. You will feel better about yourself and it will be there to remind you of how awesome you are if you were to have any doubts. Take some time and spend it with yourself and this book. It gives you little assignments, which are actually fun and worth something and don't make you hate the author. Also, this is a fun 'invite your girlfriends over for wine and do a group project' activity. ~ECL

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